Monday, June 9, 2014

More bricks, lead roofing, the street, and the garden

Max posing since he is a cat and that is what he does best. 

A cat being useful
Genevieve admiring the cat weather vein.

Cat Weather Vein in memory of Bean

"Lead" Roofing
Corrugated tin sheet bent to create seams

"Lead" flashing

"Cast Iron" Gutters
Finally, the front is all bricked up

The street in place
End closure of the basement section

Genevieve rolling film to bake beads
Me making film beads for the wrought iron fence
Arch to the walled garden

The steps to the front door

Bases for the wrought iron stair railing
Steps down to the basement with partial railing

Custom made drainage scuppers

The walled garden


Cap on garden wall

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